How To Find The Hair Comb Or Brush That Suits You Best?

We may have to admit that we do not give them proper attention they deserve when it comes to hair combs. But as a matter of fact, one hair comb is just as important as a human hair lace wig in that not only can they transform your look, but they can also help your hair grow stronger and help cut down your styling time. Today we’d like to talk about some basic hair combs you may have seen in your daily life.

Comb #1: Wide Tooth Comb.
This is the most important comb in your curly hair arsenal as it is very versatile. It is nice for distributing product through the hair before or after a shower and it is also great for gently detangling coarse and curly hair which tends to snap easily if mishandled.
Comb #1: Wide tooth comb.

Comb #2: Rat Tail Comb.
If you need to make neat parts, you definitely want to purchase one of these. But don’t ever feel tempted to use this comb to detangle the hair.
Comb #2: Rat tail comb.

Comb #3: Paddle Brush.
If you have long and thick hair, you should definitely give this a try! It can be used to detangling wet hair but please remember to brush gently.
Comb #3: Paddle Brush.

Comb #4: Bristle Brush.
It is great for fine and thick hair that’s prone to breakage. Only use them after you have smoothed your hair as much as possible with a gentler tool, preferable your hands.
Comb #4: Bristle brush.

Comb #5: Tangle Teezer.
It may not be suitable for every hair type. Monitor your hair carefully when using this tool if your hair is thick and coarse. This brush may also snag your hair.
Comb #5: Tangle teezer.

Comb #6: Round Metal Brush.
It is perfect for creating volume and smoothing strands. Our hairstylist sometimes also use this comb to make the side bangs for customers, like the Kim K Wavy Short Bob Full Lace Wig in our store.
Comb #6: Round Metal Brush.

Comb #7: Hands.
That’s right, the last “comb” is your own hands. This may be the best way to detangle your hair. But it does take some time since you have to section your hair properly into smaller sections that you can work with. With each small section, you run your hair from root to tip and detangle. It asks for patience, but the pay-off is evident that you’ll have almost no hair loss.
Comb #7: Hands

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